Can you extend your watermark with PlugIns?

Although bulkWaterMark is a fresh app for batch watermarking your photos, we have already gotten a dozen of requests how you can code PlugIns for it, since it has a tab called “PlugIns” in its settings dialog.

The good news: Yes, there will be full PlugIn support for new layer types, expressions or input image format readers and output image format writers. Just like in Photoshop, that also supports a lot of modding and extension interfaces. In the future we will also offer the possibility to create custom blending effects too. We hope that the PlugIn SDK will we be a success and will attract developers.

And the bad: Currently we do not have any documentation for our PMlabs GrfX PlugIn interface. The software development kit is not ready yet and will probably modified in the next few releases.

Although we have not officially announced the PlugIn SDK yet and bulkWaterMark is already out, a dear user barnacleboy already made an expressions PlugIn and posted a template with instructions on Github. Thanks for that! 🙂