Tutorial: Tile watermarking photos in waterMark V2 vs. bulkWaterMark

When I have seen the PMlabs waterMark V2 tutorial video by Kory Sutherland for the first time, I was really proud that someone has made a short video about my software. I never came up with a video by myself, so I am really thankful that Kory took over the duty and showed more than 25,000 users on YouTube how to use waterMark V2. The video demonstrates the basic workflow of the application and shows how to watermark your photos with tile watermarks, a feature that is actually missing and was often requested by waterMark V2 users.

When we got bulkWaterMark ready for release, I thought we must  do a similar video to Kory’s waterMark V2 tutorial since I was literally blown away when I’ve first seen it. When I released V2, I never thought of a video tutorial, I would rather have done a write-up of all steps for getting  pictures protected.

For bulkWaterMark we implemented a tile mode as a whole new option for stamping watermarks on your images. In the new version of the watermarking software, you just need to switch to the tile mode to achieve the same result as Kory, but you are done in a second and have a perfect tile watermark for any image size:

The video also demonstrates our new blending effects for watermark layers of any type. The watermark in the video consists of the drop image and a text layer that displays “drop”. While the text layer features linear gradient colors and the stroke effect, both layers make use of the fading mirror effect.

We hope you like the new features of bulkWaterMark we are show casing in the tutorial video. Stay tuned for more – I think the expressions feature should get a tutorial too… 🙂

Get details on bulkWaterMark and the best practices how to batch watermark your photos.